The “on/off” Switch


I have pretty much come to the conclusion over the last few weeks that there is nothing certain in life. I know this is not the most original epiphany out there, but it is just something I am very much starting to understand.

When I try to describe life with someone in the military the first thing that comes to mind is just your basic “on/off” switch. Things literally can change in an instant.  Pat and I got engaged in April and we knew that the entire funding for the wedding was going to be supplied only by us. Not necessarily the easiest task in the world but I was bound to make to this happen. So started the onslaught of DIY planning. We had finally started to get a handle on everything and then one day….

I came home from work and Pat said that he had news. Well, when someone tells you they have news and are in the military your automatic reaction is to shiver a bit. Typically the news is “bad” and nothing to look forward to. So I sat down and waited for whatever he had to say. Since moving here last year I have come to “tolerate” Fayetteville. It is definitely a place in my opinion that you need a reason to live here and namely that reason is military related. Anytime I tell someone back home that I live in North Carolina now they have this completely different view. They are seeing the west side of North Carolina with the mountains. Not the hilly hot and humid east side of North Carolina that I live in. With all that being said I have told Pat if the chance to PCS was offered I would be okay with taking it. Figure if we are going to have the chance to see something new we may as well do it on the Army’s dime.

Well, Pat’s news was that he was offered the chance to PCS overseas. Up side, it was an incredible offer and somewhere I have always wanted to visit (let alone live). Downside, we would have to report in January-February of the new year. Meaning our Cinco de Mayo wedding would be off. BLAH, ok. I can get my head around this. Already bought the dress and just got my parents used to the idea of a wedding and now I have to spring this on them. Another side note we had 3 days to give an answer. After thinking this all through I gave the go ahead. It was just too good to pass up. The only thing at this point I am having a hard time dealing with is having to give up our German Shepherd Urban. He is just too big for European living and I know he was be miserable.

Ok. So. Wedding is off and I have to go to Florida to tell my folks I am moving across the ocean. Pat and I have to get married ASAP to get my name officially on things. If not, my happy butt is going nowhere. We know once we get there Pat with have about 6 months until he will have to deploy and leave me to my own devices in Europe. I also will have to find a new home for my dog who has been attached to my hip for 10 months.

I spent the following week just trying to gather any and all information about this move and where we would be living. I knew breaking this news to my folks would not be easy and I need all the information I could find. While this was going on I was also getting ready to be the Maid of Honor for my best friend and that had me a bit on overload. Went home to Florida did my duties as the Maid of Honor and then had to tell my folks about the move. I was nervous as anything and trying not to get sick before telling them. Once I told them they really surprised me. They were actually happy for us. Sure the distance would be tough but they thought this was a pretty unique opportunity.So as far as we were all concerned the wedding was off for next May and Pat and I were getting married soon.

Awesome. Everything is looking pretty good. I just have to get everything on paper and go from there. Until I came home last Thursday. Pat had news and I could tell by his face I wasn’t going to like this at all. He told me that he was on notice to deploy next week. Next week….we were supposed to find out definitely if we were moving to Europe. Pat said if it came down to having to turn down Europe for this deployment he would do it. At this point I just put my head down on the table. Our wedding was off…then on…Europe on…then off…deployment????

So here I sit. In just a little while I am heading home to see what the heck is in store. I am just mentally fried right now.

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