Seriously, learn your initials.


If there is one pet peeve I have about moving to North Carolina it is this…I rant about this every time we see it. Of course now Pat thinks it is hysterical to tease me about it but it serious issue up here…

You are probably sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out how this could be a pet peeve. Well, let me tell you how. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. I don’t get it. This was never a trend in Florida and I can’t figure out the fascination. Last October while Pat was in Louisiana for a month,  some of my girlfriends and I started doing weekend excursions. This was my take on the entire monogramming craze…

We all went poking around the outlets one day and came across this nifty contraption. Of course being from Florida I thought it was some awesome Eddie Bauer edition defensive weapon. Sadly, I was wrong. Didn’t realize until a couple weeks later when there was frost all over my windshield I needed this tool…

Kortni and Noemi are two of my favorite people. It was such a blessing having them get me through the month without Pat. Here is a photo of all 3 of us out shopping…

We carved pumpkins one evening . I love fall and seeing carved pumpkins, but I detest doing it myself. I think it is one of the most disgusting thing hollowing out the inside of a pumpkin. Kortni on the other hand was going at it like a champ and as you can see by my face I wasn’t buying it.

This last photo holds a lot of special meaning for me. This was the moment I realized I was not a country girl and needed help figuring out that sort of life. We had gone to the State Fair and came across this area. When the three of us read the sign we were all appalled. We were “literally” reading the sign which to us read “Turkey Shoot-Shoot at Own Risk.” I stood there mouth wide opening thinking on the other side of the wall were live turkeys being shot at. Of course anyone who knows me know I never have a “quiet” thought. So I made my exasperation known pretty loudly. Someone walking by heard me and explained that people shoot at targets and whoever has the best shot wins a frozen turkey. Between you and me  I think the booth needed to work on their advertising campaign.

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