This week’s 3 things….


So since my blog is title “3 things needed in life…” I have decided each Wednesday I am going to do my 3 things for the week.  They will be listed with just be text, other time pictures and sometimes both.

A wishbone…

Pat and I registered for these plates at Macy’s. Every since seeing them I have been obsessed. I love the colors and I love that they are “cheerful” looking. Who wants to eat a good meal on “sad” plates?

A backbone…

I have got to buck up and do this. I talk talk talk about all the time. I am fluent in American Sign Language, but frankly that only goes so far. Figure I am dying to go to Italy may as well just get a head start. Did I mention this program is free for the Military? Yeah, see nooooooo excuse.

A funny bone…

I have always wished I could make this face. There are so many ways this facial expression could be put to used in my life.

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  1. This is such a creative idea! I’ll be looking forward to it every Wednesday…whether you post it or not. hehe

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