Ode to Fabuloso


Some people love the smell of fresh flowers. Others love the scent of freshly baked cookies (this is a close second on my list). But my favorite scent in all the world is this product especially the green one allllll the way on the right. Green Apple Fabuloso. For anyone who knows me well they know that when I am stressed or upset to skip the hanky and hand me a dust mop. The last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind. Then Pat left. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK (that was my life coming to a screeching halt). I sat here Friday night very stressed and very bored. I hate the unknown. I know that the unknown is a normal part of the life I chose, but there are days it drives me nuts and Friday was one of those days.

Saturday I woke and hit the ground running. Alright, that’s a lie. I woke up and walked to the couch where I sat for about an hour and got sucked in watching RuPaul’s Drag U show. Yeah, don’t ask. I don’t know either. After I realized that was an hour of my life I couldn’t get back I knew a new game plan was in order. First task on the list was cleaning out my car. It was starting to resemble its formal college days self. You know that look. The “hey I can live out of this thing for days and never wear the same outfit twice.” This look worked back when I was 19-20 not so much at 26. Took about an hour and a half but the car now is a bit more respectable looking.

What next? Enter my friend Fabuloso. Pat bought me a steam mop for Christmas and I love it. Between big paws McGee and my real life G.I. Joe (he would kill me if he knew I said that) our floors get pretty dirty. While the steam mop takes care of all of this it just doesn’t leave a “scent” of clean. So what does any sane person do? Clean the floors twice….duh! For me there is nothing better than that smell.

After that is was just the usual cleaning job. Vacuuming and Urban trying to kill the horrid machine making that loud noise. Dusting the furniture. Which I swear dusting up here should be an Olympic sport. I dust one half of the room and by the time I have gotten done with it the other half needs to be done again.

So this is my public thanks to Fabuloso. When days are tough and the nights get dull. I have you to make things just a little better in my life.

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  1. They should pay you for this! πŸ™‚ I’m gonna have to check out that green apple scent! I have the red one now and it’s not so delish.

  2. I haven’t even ventured out of the realm of the purple or the green one. I will tell you the green apple one can be a tricky one to find at times. I do see it at the Dollar Stores more often.

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