PSA from me.


Well this post may seem a bit from left field but I just wanted to clarify a few things. Yesterday I was surfing around on some other people’s blogs and came across this on blog that horrified me. The latest posts that I could see were pretty average and nothing to spectacular. Then I started going all the way back from when she first started this blog and boy was I shocked. She literally had postings about how her best friend/ maid of honor was driving her crazy. Issues she was having with her now husband and so on. This just made me sad and kind of upset. Who does that? That is what journals or private conversations are for. And even then you need to watch who you are having those private conversations with. Sometimes you dirty laundry just needs to stay in the hamper and not be all laid out for everyone.

So with that being said, you will not see that on here. I started this blog as a means to keep people in touch with the randomness I call life. Everyone has issues with other people. If you don’t well you are either lying to yourself and/or not socialized enough 🙂 With all this being said I am asking you all to keep me accountable. Sure there are aspects of my life that I may “complain” about, but if there ever is a time where you think I am getting to personal please tell me. This is meant to be fun and the last thing I would want to do it offend or hurt someone I care about.

Thank you for staying tuned to this public service announcement.

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