Who Needs Google ;)


Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite sites. I always try to make a point every Christmas to get everyone a unique gift. This site has loads of items and ideas. Who wants to be “common” anyway?

<– Cutting board “index” cards. Each board is for a specific item ( raw meat, fish, veggies, and cooked food)

Blue Ribbon General Store is a recent find. I love Real Simple magazine and they had featured an item from this site. The store is based out of Brooklyn, New York. Again, very much like Uncommon Goods but they did have some unique items as well.

I have seen a lot of the “track your trip” maps but I really thought this one was cute. –>

One of my new favorite online stores is Joseph Joseph. This store is strictly geared toward the kitchen. Everything from here is brightly colored. They also offer a lot of really great space-saving items which is a big plus for my non-existent counter space.

<– This is a pie timer. You rotate it with the amount of time you need and go about your other tasks. You are able to monitor this from even across the room. Best of all no batteries needed.

Alright, yet again, a site featuring kitchen items. William Bounds Ltd. has already inspired me with a couple of gift ideas for some people this Christmas. Namely, Pat’s brother who is terribly difficult to buy for.  A lot of their items focus around mills and grinders for spices and salt (salt considered a spice?).

I had to show this item. It is a coffee filter for one cup. Just add hot water and TA DA! –>

I saved my favorite for last. Spoon Sisters is one of the most unusual gift sites that I have found. You need to make sure you have time to browse through this site. There is a lot to look at and a lot of very interesting items. I can’t remember how I came across this site but I am so glad I did.

<– It’s soap. I mean really how stinking cute is this? Then I sit here and go how hard would this be to make? Hmmm….I may just have to try to DIY this.

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  1. Giving unique gifts, ones that are so perfectly person is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! Thanks for sharing these websites, I’ve never seen any of them and they’re SO great!

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