Rental Woes


There are defiantly some hurdles when tied to the military life. You always hear “home is where the army sends us.” (side note they have some really cute signs that say this then you add each post you have been too) Well, this is true in more ways than one. Of course there is the obvious when it comes to this statement. You really don’t know where you could be going next and for how long. This is what brings us to our second point. Pat and I have decided we will probably not buy a home till he is out of the military. Since he is planning on making this a career that will be awhile.

There are some serious ups to owning a home and I know it can be a great investment. But with the ups are the downs. The biggest “down” is I don’t want to have to deal with renting out our home if we end up leaving. It just seems like such an unnecessary burden. So what do we do? We rent.

Thankfully the home we are in now is owned by a buddy that Pat served with. (Makes things a little easier) All in all the home is perfect for our family. Has a large fenced in backyard for the dog. Enough room for all of Pat’s gear. Trust me, it looks like someone threw up camo in 2 rooms. As perfect as this home is for us, it still isn’t “our home.” Well, at least it doesn’t feel that way to me.

Something is very strange about renting. I had been in this house for almost year before I actually started putting stuff on the walls. Couple reasons for the delay but mainly I just didn’t want to deal with holes to patch. Then there are just some areas of the home that are presenting a challenge. One wall has the thermostat, light switch, door bell-ringer and the alarm detector. Who does that? I knew I was going to have to start getting creative since I just wasn’t feeling “home.” Pat and I had planned to paint the kitchen earlier this year.

If you saw the kitchen you would want to paint it too. The guy who owns the house went on this “sponge painting rampage” and decided red with burnt orange sponged over top was the latest and greatest idea. Did I mention the counter tops are mauve with a black and white tile back splash. If you are trying to get a mental picture in your head but trying to be nice about it…don’t be. It is just about as awful as it sounds. But due to monetary issues painting is just not any option at this time.

So what is a girl to do? Do the only thing she can, check out what Better Homes & Gardens has to say. To find out some awesome ideas click here. The picture below is from that list and I think it’s a great idea. All it is are strips of wallpaper that have been weighted down by dowel rods and balanced by tiny eye hooks. I could do this….

Image from online Better Homes & Gardens

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