This week’s 3 things…


Well I am a slacker. Guilty. I didn’t do this list last week and I am a day late this week. My apologies.

A wish bone…



This is one that won’t happen but I sure would have loved to have met Grace Kelly. She is my all time favorite actress. There are just some people I am convinced God even takes and extra look and think “yep, good job.” 😉 To me she was just the epitome of grace, elegance and style. I even had a hard time picking out a picturing they all looked so good to me.







A backbone…



The last few Facebook changes have made me want to get rid of it all together. Funny how I have a public forum but I want it to be uber private. I am just afraid I will miss out on something though. One of these days it will be adios Facebook.



A funny bone…

I know that there has been some debate on whether or not this video is real, but regardless it is hysterical.

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