This week’s 3 things…




A wishbone…There are so many holiday projects that I am hoping to tackle this season. I have got the crafting bug and it is definitely  bitten me hard this year. Especially with my latest Pinterest discovery. I am telling you people if you are not on this site you are severely missing out on some creative ideas. If you want an invite send me your email and I will send an invite. Keep in mind also to be checking the Sunday paper for coupons to JoAnn Fabrics, Michael’, Hobby Lobby etc.




A backbone…Not going to lie this week has been really tough. Honestly, I have just been in a foul mood all week. Half because I am sick and half because I am tired of being “put on hold” right now with our life. I know I know. It’s the Army. You hurry up and wait…nothing is certain but change….Blah blah blah. Well, you know what it stinks, and this is my “backbone” moment to complain about it. Thank you, I am now done.




A funny bone…Okay, this is why little babies at Halloween are stinking cute. I am so doing this to my child FYI!

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