We Gather Together


We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing; He chastens and hastens His will to make known;
The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing, Sing praises to His name: He forgets not his own.

With November literally just around the corner I find myself getting into that “holiday mood.” As I get older I am started to find that this time is more and more bittersweet. As I have gotten older there are fewer of the older generations there andย  the younger generations are having to divide up the time with their spouses family.

If you had ever had the privilege to spend Thanksgiving with my family, you would have heard this song sung before the meal. I have been thinking a lot about this song lately. Can’t really explain why. There have been times over the last few days I find myself singing it in the car. I just remember as a kid always looking forward to the beginning of our meal and getting to sing with the family.

The Thanksgiving right after my grandfather had passed was probably the hardest year to sing at the table. He wasn’t there to start it. Grandpa did not have a voice the could be overlooked. But even through all the sadness we were still very blessed. His legacy was evident in every single chair around that table. The holidays are still difficult anytime a loved one is no longer there, but their love and memory is forever present with us.

Our holiday meals are always a grand affair. There was always the dreaded kids table, which you realized wasn’t so bad once you moved to the adult table and they just sat there FOREVER talking and drinking coffee. Then there were the few years we thought we were Amish and had men at one table and women at the other. Now, it’s pretty much just get you butt in a chair and park it.

The food alone is spectacular. My Aunt Irma makes her rolls and you need to make sure to grab two the first time because it may be the only chance. Our cornbread dressing recipe is my favorite. I have becomes mom’s expert “nose” for this recipe. She says I can tell how much Sage needs to be added. It’s pretty much inevitable though that it will either be “too dry or too moist” though. As for me I just dump more gravy on it and go at it.

Even will all the wonderful food and family, I have to say my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the day after. Yes, Black Friday. The day that strikes fear in the heart of most people. All the women in the family would get up and go shopping, all day. I can’t tell you the numerous memories I have being smooshed into someone’s car and heading to the mall/malls. The only year that was tough was when I had to be in a wheelchair for a severely sprained ankle and kept getting pushed into clothing racks. Our shopping trips were just a fun time for all the girls to get together.

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  1. I have had the same things on my mind lately too honey. I m so glad those were good memories for you growing up, sometime you dont know if a crammed car ride will be fun or not. I m thankful you are my daughter and I had those memories with you. I love you. mom

  2. Aubree, I hope the Brodhead Thanksgiving will add to your happy memories. I woke up this morning and read your song and beautiful reflection and it has set the tone of my day. We are so looking forward to celebrating with you and including your traditions with ours!

  3. bahahahahaha! We were Amish???? That’s just entirely too funny! But I can’t imagine what EVIL family member would’ve pushed you into the clothes racks!!! That’s awful! Cut to that same family member breaking her knee cap, getting a motorized scooter at the mall and getting stuck in Dillards clothing department. Paybacks are dreadful!

  4. I still don’t think I’ve recovered from the Black Friday shopping trip I went on with your family! I also don’t think I’ve been shopping the day after Thanksgiving, ever since. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You guys sure are a lot of fun, but man, it takes a special kind to keep up with you! hehe

    • Oh I hear ya. By the 3rd mall I about call it quits too. Now they have started going to Ellenton at midnight Thanksgiving day to get the pajama discounts. I haven’t even attempted that yet.

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