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Have fun storming the castle…


Well, Pat and I are back from our Ohio trip and absolutely worn out. We had a blast and could not have asked for a better weekend with his family up there. His Uncle Pete and Aunt Ellie have two Golden Retrievers (Maggie and Winston). The photo below pretty much sums up our weekend of eating too much good food and socializing till we couldn’t stay awake any longer…

I love the holiday time. Everyone is a little more easy going and open to being “themselves”.  The little random quirks that everyone have seen to be a little more acceptable during the festive season. For instance take Leo. He is no way bothered with the fact that I was totally fascinated that he drank out of the fish bowl but left the fish alone, hey who am I to judge?

While we were there we did have the opportunity to meet Aunt Ellie’s mother aka Mimi. It was really nice to see all the grandchildren trekking into Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing  Facility to say Happy Thanksgiving to Mimi. We had brought her some chocolate pie, but she had just eaten and couldn’t handle anymore food at that point. We sat with her for a good while as everyone gave her status reports on the latest happenings going on in their life. Mimi is what I like to call a very fashionable lady. Before we left she wanted to go down to the common area but would not leave her room till she had applied her hot pink lipstick. Course leave it to her to be able to pull off a color like that…me not so much. Before we left we had out photo taken with her (it was nice to be included in the family photo).

We were blessed to have some special guests come to our little wedding ceremony. Pat’s brother and sister came up from Florida, his Uncle Jed drove from Washington D.C. and his grandmother was able to attend as well. It was a real treat to have Pat in uniform because most of them had never seen him in his dress blues. I wasn’t able to see their “first” reactions to him, but someone snapped a photo from my phone. I apologize it wasn’t the greatest picture but I am thankful someone had tried to capture the moment when Grammy Bammy saw him for the first time – warning you may tear up a little 🙂

One of the most memorable highlights from the trip was the fact we were able to Skype with Madeline (Pat’s sister) who is deployed right now. I can’t tell you what a remarkable experience that was. She was halfway around the world but able to talk and say hello to every single person in the room. Pat and I were able to cut the cake in front of her, so she was able to be a apart of out day for even just a little bit. The photo below was taken when we went to see her in Key West for her R&R. From left to right is Pat, Grammy Bammy, Madeleine and Vicki (Pat & Madeline’s mother).

There is A LOT more to share about this trip especially in regards to our ceremony and celebration with the Cleveland family, but I am also waiting till I am able to post the professional photos that were taken that evening. Just had to get some of this down while it was still fresh in my memory.


The Genius & the Idiot


There are so many reasons I love Pinterest, but with this love comes a little resentment. For those of you who have been blessed to join the realm of Pinterest you understand the wealth of knowledge that the site holds. I can’t even begin to explain the recipes, crafting ideas and holiday decorating ideas that I have gathered from this site. The other night we had out Company FRG Thanksgiving potluck (whew, that was a mouth full). We were asked to bring a side item, so I went to Pinterest to scout out some ideas. This is what I came up with…

Just melt Hershey’s kisses (I did half regular and the other have the white chocolate ones) onto tiny twist pretzels (275 degrees, 3 minutes). Remove and immediately press a single m&m (I used the peanut butter ones) on each. Refrigerate until eating to make sure they are
deliciously solid!

This recipe went over really well because it’s a good mix of sweet and salty and pretty easy to manage. But this brings me to the “resentment” part of Pinterest. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!? Half the time I am on this site I find my self slapping myself in the forehead going “Seriously, how did I not think of this?” For instance…

Seriously, look at this. It’s a frame, ribbon tacked on and BAM you an instant card holder for Christmas. I need this in my life.

I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person when it comes to some things but maybe not..haha. I keep trying to think of a “brilliant” idea to get on there but nothing has come to me so far. I did have a recipe come out fantastic the other night but when I tried to take a picture and post it – fail. Picture didn’t come out. I will post the recipe soon because it really was awesome.

Have any of you seen or had any great ideas on Pinterest that you have either tried or getting ready to attempt? If so please share!

Count Your Blessings


“Count your blessings name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done.”

If you are someone who knows me well , you would know that I absolutely love the Golden Girls. I have loved this show for just about as long as I can remember. Course as I am writing this I can see my father rolling his eyes and going “You know all the lines. Why do you still watch this show?”

There is one line from the show where Sofia is talking about blessings, “If I were a blessing I wouldn’t wear a disguise. I would run around naked.”

I love this line because seriously how much easier would it be to spot the blessings in our life? Why am I bringing this up now you ask? Well, currently I am writing this from my iPhone and laying in bed in a mass amount of pain. I had my wisdom teeth (3 to be exact) pulled this morning. I have a tube sock looking apparatus around my head stuffed with ice packs and a mouth full of gauze like I’m trying to do my best Marlon Brando impression. To add insult to injury the drugs aren’t doing a lot. Everyone keeps telling me I have the “good stuff” but the verdict is still out on that.

Just so you could see too. The two lines in the front was where I knocked my teeth out and had to have root canals put in.

My sweet husband has no idea what to even do with me. He keeps walking in and all he sees is me crying from pain. I am not terribly emotional person by nature so I know this is throwing him off a bit. He is doing a great job though and for that I am thankful he is here.

Sitting here though I decided to write a bit. This is giving me a chance to focus on something else, which is precisely what I need to do. It has been ages since I have gotten on here and I have missed it terribly. I really have no idea who reads this, but I enjoy just throwing out randomness from my life.

But the bigger picture today is blessings. Sometimes to get to the blessing you must go through some pain. I know that after this pain subsides I will be so much better for it. Over the last few years I went through some incredible pain and if you would have told me “Just wait. It will get so much better.” I would have just rolled my eyes and walked away.

But things did get better. A lot better. My life was blessed in so many ways. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents (even though it’s a long distance one) I still talk to them nearly everyday. I have enjoyed getting to watch them and Pat interact as well. Whenever I am on the phone with mother he will yell in the background “hello, mother in law.”

I have a job that allows me to pay bills and a home to come to every evening. I live in a town (no matter how crappy at times) that takes pride in their troops and what they do.

Pat’s family is incredible. They have been some of the nicest most sincere people I have met. Some I have literally only met one time but treat me like I have known them my entire life.

I actually enjoy seeing and spending time with my mother in law. Pat’s bother and sister in law are some of the most genuine people and I love that. Pat’s sister is like the sister I never had. Pat would tell you when we were on the Keys we were like two peas in a pod.

I saved the best for last. Patrick coming back into my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. He is my best friend, my hero, a provider and a constant joy in my life. We will be having a small wedding ceremony next week during Thanksgiving break and I am so excited and even nervous. Not a bad nervous but just a giddy bride who will be saying her I dos to the one she loves. Not to mention I have an amazing “perfect for me” dress that I can’t wait to have him see me in.

I think if you didn’t know Pat and I you may think our relationship is pretty dull at times. There are Friday evenings we spend just out on the back patio talking and listening to music. Oh and when I say music it could literally be going from Roy Orbison to Lady Gaga and anything in between. Our Sunday evenings are spent laying in bed and watchings nature shows. I am pretty sure we have seen them all at least twice, but it’s our thing. When we do go out though it’s wonderful. We don’t have to be glued to each other the entire time. Like any couple we have our own little jokes and quirks about us and I love that.

So thank you for letting me focus a little on what is great right now in my life and not on this physical pain. Hopefully, it will have subsided a bit by tomorrow.

Married to a Solider When…


This is a list compiled by Bragg wives and a couple from me…Enjoy!

You lose a pair of panties & they end up Velcroed to his ACU’s from the dryer!!!

You have multiple closets filled with his military gear.

The closet is filled with the various now retired camo patterns because he has been in so long.

When you go three days without hearing from him but you’re not worried…yet.

Him coming home late from work and not answering your texts doesn’t make you nervous.

When doing laundry after he returns from the field requires gloves, disinfectant and a mask!

Camo becomes a color…

He won’t let you name your daughter Kadence.

When the guys are talking in acronyms and you actually can follow the conversation.

When GREEN socks are taking OVER your house.

Then you try and match them up and FAIL.

You hurry up and wait every single day.

When he says “roger that” after you make a statement.

When you walk in the house after he gets home and his boot’s and uniform are spaced out in a path towards your room or the couch.

You are driving together and start saying “Clear Right” for you to go ahead and turn.

You no longer have a name but are referred to by HIS title… I’m Brodhead’s wife.

You start to say his social when you are asked for your own.

You make dinner plans with friends in military time.

He has his own “Army Room” for all his gear

Every clock possible is set to military time.

You answer to “Household 6” without hesitation.

You start to saying things like “I’m tracking this…” or “squaring away that…”

When you have to pull your toddler off the wrong pair of “Daddy legs.”

He ranger rolls all your socks even after you don’t want him too.

You trip over his ruck sack…constantly.

You speak in acronyms to your family.