Married to a Solider When…


This is a list compiled by Bragg wives and a couple from me…Enjoy!

You lose a pair of panties & they end up Velcroed to his ACU’s from the dryer!!!

You have multiple closets filled with his military gear.

The closet is filled with the various now retired camo patterns because he has been in so long.

When you go three days without hearing from him but you’re not worried…yet.

Him coming home late from work and not answering your texts doesn’t make you nervous.

When doing laundry after he returns from the field requires gloves, disinfectant and a mask!

Camo becomes a color…

He won’t let you name your daughter Kadence.

When the guys are talking in acronyms and you actually can follow the conversation.

When GREEN socks are taking OVER your house.

Then you try and match them up and FAIL.

You hurry up and wait every single day.

When he says “roger that” after you make a statement.

When you walk in the house after he gets home and his boot’s and uniform are spaced out in a path towards your room or the couch.

You are driving together and start saying “Clear Right” for you to go ahead and turn.

You no longer have a name but are referred to by HIS title… I’m Brodhead’s wife.

You start to say his social when you are asked for your own.

You make dinner plans with friends in military time.

He has his own “Army Room” for all his gear

Every clock possible is set to military time.

You answer to “Household 6” without hesitation.

You start to saying things like “I’m tracking this…” or “squaring away that…”

When you have to pull your toddler off the wrong pair of “Daddy legs.”

He ranger rolls all your socks even after you don’t want him too.

You trip over his ruck sack…constantly.

You speak in acronyms to your family.

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