Have fun storming the castle…


Well, Pat and I are back from our Ohio trip and absolutely worn out. We had a blast and could not have asked for a better weekend with his family up there. His Uncle Pete and Aunt Ellie have two Golden Retrievers (Maggie and Winston). The photo below pretty much sums up our weekend of eating too much good food and socializing till we couldn’t stay awake any longer…

I love the holiday time. Everyone is a little more easy going and open to being “themselves”.  The little random quirks that everyone have seen to be a little more acceptable during the festive season. For instance take Leo. He is no way bothered with the fact that I was totally fascinated that he drank out of the fish bowl but left the fish alone, hey who am I to judge?

While we were there we did have the opportunity to meet Aunt Ellie’s mother aka Mimi. It was really nice to see all the grandchildren trekking into Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing  Facility to say Happy Thanksgiving to Mimi. We had brought her some chocolate pie, but she had just eaten and couldn’t handle anymore food at that point. We sat with her for a good while as everyone gave her status reports on the latest happenings going on in their life. Mimi is what I like to call a very fashionable lady. Before we left she wanted to go down to the common area but would not leave her room till she had applied her hot pink lipstick. Course leave it to her to be able to pull off a color like that…me not so much. Before we left we had out photo taken with her (it was nice to be included in the family photo).

We were blessed to have some special guests come to our little wedding ceremony. Pat’s brother and sister came up from Florida, his Uncle Jed drove from Washington D.C. and his grandmother was able to attend as well. It was a real treat to have Pat in uniform because most of them had never seen him in his dress blues. I wasn’t able to see their “first” reactions to him, but someone snapped a photo from my phone. I apologize it wasn’t the greatest picture but I am thankful someone had tried to capture the moment when Grammy Bammy saw him for the first time – warning you may tear up a little 🙂

One of the most memorable highlights from the trip was the fact we were able to Skype with Madeline (Pat’s sister) who is deployed right now. I can’t tell you what a remarkable experience that was. She was halfway around the world but able to talk and say hello to every single person in the room. Pat and I were able to cut the cake in front of her, so she was able to be a apart of out day for even just a little bit. The photo below was taken when we went to see her in Key West for her R&R. From left to right is Pat, Grammy Bammy, Madeleine and Vicki (Pat & Madeline’s mother).

There is A LOT more to share about this trip especially in regards to our ceremony and celebration with the Cleveland family, but I am also waiting till I am able to post the professional photos that were taken that evening. Just had to get some of this down while it was still fresh in my memory.

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  1. I enjoy your blog, and the pictures help place everything in perspective Mrs. Brodhead. I’m happy for you and Pat. Life is good! 🙂

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