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The Greatest Story Ever Told…sorta…


I hope each and everyone of you all is having a spectacular Christmas with friends and family. Pat and I currently in Florida and eating just about everything in sight. Just wanted to share this video with you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Raise you hand if…


You are just plain worn out from the holidays and they haven’t even arrived yet.
You are getting sick. You always get sick this time of year. (Going to raise both my hands to count Pat and myself.)
You waited till the last minute to do shopping.
You had some issues trying to have gifts arrive. “Oh sorry that tracking number is not working…”
You didn’t decorate the house at all cause you knew you would be leaving town.
Part of you just wants to leave the gifts in the original shipping boxes…no?
You still aren’t sick of Christmas music even though you are sure you have annoyed coworkers by now with it.
You didn’t send Christmas cards.
You made a few gifts from scratch. (Mine came out really good and looking forward to gifting them.)
You are starting to notice the “tacky” sweaters are coming into fashion.
You can’t get in any seasonal mood when the weather is hot, cold, hot and then cold.
You find yourself parking in Timbuktu to just avoid finding a parking place at the mall.
You don’t even bother asking for a box when you are buying clothes.
You know to pack clothes with elastic waistbands because by the end of the trip it will be all you can wear.
You wonder when Valentines merchandise will start appearing.
You have been tempted to put the “Ditto” lights up cause your neighbors went overboard again this year.
You either think the Elf of the Shelf is the cutest thing ever (NOT) or think it’s the creepiest thing ever (ABSOLUTELY).
You still give to the Salvation Army people even though you gave to the last 3 buckets at the previous stores.
You are a bit shocked this year that there is no “must have” Christmas item.
You will argue to the death that your favorite Christmas movie is the best. (White Christmas IS the best. Get over it.)

Two Women – One Mission


Just wanting to share this story as much as I can. For those of you who don’t know not only is my husband in the Army but so is my sister-in-law. Madeleine is currently stationed in Afghanistan and needing some of our help with her efforts. Our family received this email a few days ago along with the photo below. I also created a Facebook page to help have  “meeting ” place so you can click here. If you are interested in helping out please leave a comment with your email and I will get in touch with you directly. Thanks!

“The school always needs writing paper, craft paper, pens and pencils. I bring her some, but they are pretty low quality things. Since they are girls, they love girl stuff like nail polish and cheap makeup to play with at home. Silly bracelets, earrings and hair barrettes are fun, too. The students range from 6-16, with the majority being high school age. Nafiza is very focused on teaching her girls skills that they can use to earn money – embroidery, beading, sewing, canning and baking. She runs an NGO (non-government organization) that I am trying to get funded for a couple different projects.

Nafiza is a brave woman who, when the security of her school was threatened, confronted the Taliban leadership in the area to reach an understanding that her school should be left alone. She convinced them that the work she is doing poses no threat to them. Her efforts to build peace in her village are recognized throughout the province and she is the only woman from her district selected to be a part of the Provincial Peace Council (an Afghan organization that works to reintegrate moderate Taliban fighters back into legal society by providing job training and religious support).

Nafiza wears a burqa and is every bit the traditional Afghan Muslim woman – she greets me with kisses and Muslim blessings – but she is passionate about building the economic capacity of the female work force under the new Afghan constitution. I am helping her with some women’s legal rights programs that, if she goes through with, could put her life at risk. I tell her these things and she says, “Mariam, I have to do this for my sisters. I am not afraid.” She is well into middle age and thinks nothing of marching unarmed and alone into war-torn villages in her burqa and telling the Taliban to knock it off. How can I not love her?”


This Week’s 3 Things


My wishbone….

Well with the holidays FAST approaching I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas. So far this is the only thing I have been able to tell Pat. It’s a necklace by Kate Spade. I love the fact we are officially married and I don’t mind showing it off!

My backbone…

Please take a look at this story. The courage that it takes to do something like this needs to be commended!


My funny bone…

If you know me and my sense of humor this picture fits me PERFECTLY!

Top 10 Christmas Songs


#10 : Aaron Neville’s – Please Come Home for Christmas

#9 : Josh Groban’s – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

#8 : The Muppet’s – Thankful Heart

#7 : Harry Connick Jr. – I Pray on Christmas

#6 : Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You

#5 : Whitney Houston’s – Joy to the World

#4 : Celine Dion – Oh Holy Night

#3 : Bing Crosby & David Bowie – Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth

#2 : The Chipmunks – Christmas Song

#1 : Bing Crosby’s – White Christmas

All that glitters!


Well, we all know I have a slight obsession with Pinterest so this blog post should be no shock. I just wanted to show how I incorporated a little Pinterest genius and my wedding ceremony over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wish I would have thought ahead of time better to try and incorporate more ideas, but I was really happy with the way this one came out.

I first got the idea from this post. The original blog post mentioned using fine glitter mixed with Mod Podge for this craft and I may try this the next time. When I went to Joann’s to get the glitter I wasn’t too thrilled with the color selection. Originally, when I was going to do this I was going to “paint” the bottom of my shoes blue for my “something blue.” After I got my garter though (which was a Florida Gator garter) I didn’t need the blue anymore.

I finally settled with red. Our wedding ceremony had a holiday theme going already and I loved that. I figured the red bottom to the shoes would be a nice holiday touch. Of course as I was doing this project Pat was convinced I was trying to replicate Louboutin. He loves that he can now pick out this high end designer’s shoes because of the bottoms. It has almost become a game when watching movies. I wish I could tell you I also did red since that is the color used to represent those in the Army who specialize with artillery like Pat, but I wasn’t that quick to remember that.

Basically, what  I used was a pair of shoes, those foam “brushes”, glitter glue and A LOT of patience. I am pretty sure since I used glue instead of the Mod Podge mixture that is why the shoes took forever to dry. I finally had to turn a hair dryer on them just to make sure they were dry before I packed them.




Here is what they looked like before they dried…Side note, that plant in the back is the ONLY living plant I haven’t killed to date. And no. Pat isn’t holding the shoe. That is me in one of his shirts. I am notorious for stealing his clothes.








Here is what they looked like after they dried. I knew the very bottom of them would rub off and thankfully when it did it came off in large pieces and not tiny little glitter flecks all over Uncle Peter & Aunt Ellie’s home.
Photo by Edric Morales