All that glitters!


Well, we all know I have a slight obsession with Pinterest so this blog post should be no shock. I just wanted to show how I incorporated a little Pinterest genius and my wedding ceremony over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wish I would have thought ahead of time better to try and incorporate more ideas, but I was really happy with the way this one came out.

I first got the idea from this post. The original blog post mentioned using fine glitter mixed with Mod Podge for this craft and I may try this the next time. When I went to Joann’s to get the glitter I wasn’t too thrilled with the color selection. Originally, when I was going to do this I was going to “paint” the bottom of my shoes blue for my “something blue.” After I got my garter though (which was a Florida Gator garter) I didn’t need the blue anymore.

I finally settled with red. Our wedding ceremony had a holiday theme going already and I loved that. I figured the red bottom to the shoes would be a nice holiday touch. Of course as I was doing this project Pat was convinced I was trying to replicate Louboutin. He loves that he can now pick out this high end designer’s shoes because of the bottoms. It has almost become a game when watching movies. I wish I could tell you I also did red since that is the color used to represent those in the Army who specialize with artillery like Pat, but I wasn’t that quick to remember that.

Basically, whatย  I used was a pair of shoes, those foam “brushes”, glitter glue and A LOT of patience. I am pretty sure since I used glue instead of the Mod Podge mixture that is why the shoes took forever to dry. I finally had to turn a hair dryer on them just to make sure they were dry before I packed them.




Here is what they looked like before they dried…Side note, that plant in the back is the ONLY living plant I haven’t killed to date. And no. Pat isn’t holding the shoe. That is me in one of his shirts. I am notorious for stealing his clothes.








Here is what they looked like after they dried. I knew the very bottom of them would rub off and thankfully when it did it came off in large pieces and not tiny little glitter flecks all over Uncle Peter & Aunt Ellie’s home.
Photo by Edric Morales

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