Raise you hand if…


You are just plain worn out from the holidays and they haven’t even arrived yet.
You are getting sick. You always get sick this time of year. (Going to raise both my hands to count Pat and myself.)
You waited till the last minute to do shopping.
You had some issues trying to have gifts arrive. “Oh sorry that tracking number is not working…”
You didn’t decorate the house at all cause you knew you would be leaving town.
Part of you just wants to leave the gifts in the original shipping boxes…no?
You still aren’t sick of Christmas music even though you are sure you have annoyed coworkers by now with it.
You didn’t send Christmas cards.
You made a few gifts from scratch. (Mine came out really good and looking forward to gifting them.)
You are starting to notice the “tacky” sweaters are coming into fashion.
You can’t get in any seasonal mood when the weather is hot, cold, hot and then cold.
You find yourself parking in Timbuktu to just avoid finding a parking place at the mall.
You don’t even bother asking for a box when you are buying clothes.
You know to pack clothes with elastic waistbands because by the end of the trip it will be all you can wear.
You wonder when Valentines merchandise will start appearing.
You have been tempted to put the “Ditto” lights up cause your neighbors went overboard again this year.
You either think the Elf of the Shelf is the cutest thing ever (NOT) or think it’s the creepiest thing ever (ABSOLUTELY).
You still give to the Salvation Army people even though you gave to the last 3 buckets at the previous stores.
You are a bit shocked this year that there is no “must have” Christmas item.
You will argue to the death that your favorite Christmas movie is the best. (White Christmas IS the best. Get over it.)

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Pat. I’m proud of what both of you are doing with your lives.
    Vaya con Dios mi amiga

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