Seriously, just Google it.


So the other night Pat was out working a night jump and I was home kind of bored. Okay, I lie. I was very bored. Over the last few weeks Pat and I have been talking about what we wanted to do around the house to make it feel more like “our home”.   I have blogged about this earlier but due to the fact our house is actually a rental I am not wanting to put a ton of money into it.

The people who previously lived in the house had a child or two and you can tell the house was worn in. When I first moved into the house I could tell that that tile in the foyer, backdoor and kitchen was incredibly cheap. And by cheap I mean – stick on and now shifting because it is being walked on cheap. I knew that the landlord (a friend of ours) hadn’t done this and was pretty upset when he saw that the tenants had done.

The other day when I had our coat closet opened I noticed one of the tiles was coming up so figured why not just see if it will come up easily. It did and HANG ON is that wood flooring under here! It was. So then logical me kicks in going why would someone cover this us with this crappy tile. I got my answer once I pulled up another tile…permanent marker.

Now, with the amount of children in the world and probably even more permanent markers I know I am not the only one to ever have this issue. What would be the next logical conclusion then? Look it up online and see what gets this up. After literally scanning for 5 seconds I find a solution to this conundrum…toothpaste. I grabbed a tube a old toothbrush and PRESTO! The marker came right off. At this point I was on a roll. I didn’t get all the tile up yet. I have to do this in stages since the tile adhesive is going to be a bit tough to get up, but I am excited to see the finished result. Here is what is looks like so far.

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  1. I have that kind of tile in my kitchen as well… but I’ve actually seen what’s underneath and I’ll stick to my el cheapo tile, although I’d LOVE to lay down porcelain tile one day. Wondering what’s hiding beneath my cheapness? Okay you asked for it…. there is horrendous shade of yellow linoleum that is not even close to be salvaged, lol!

    Good luck with your DIY en devour, keep us posted 🙂

  2. The job is looking great honey. I hope the rest of it comes up good. This will feel fabulous when you are done

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