Move over, Bob!


I am finally starting to get the remodeling bug again. I had got bitten by this bug several years ago, but had lost the zest after a while. Since our PCS opportunity looks like it won’t go through I am bound to make this rental our own. Over the weekend Pat had to work so that left me to my own devices and his debit card. Now, you would think this would be a girl’s dream to get her husband’s debit card. They may go shopping, get a pedicure or something else fun. What do I do? Go to Home Depot.




First, task is new living room blinds. The ones we had didn’t open and close anymore. You had to either have them all the way up or down.  As much as I like our landlord I wasn’t going to spend a fortune on blinds that I am sure Urban will tear through eventually. They get in his way and he decides they need to be taught a lesson. So several blinds around the house have teeth marks in them. Not the best pic of the new blinds but gives you an idea.







Our next project if you will is our spice situation. Our spice collection would make Marco Polo proud. Anyone, get this? Eh, moving on. We used to have a ton lined up on the little ledge of the stove and then across the kitchen in our makeshift pantry. This could get a little tedious walking from one side to other just because you forgot the oregano. I had been toying with several ideas for how to display them and finally just decided on this. Not the most glamorous display but it does its job. Now, according to Pat it’s too low. But he wasn’t home when I power drilled this baby on so oh well 😉





Not that I needed to point out from the last picture the ghastly shade of burnt orange and red walls. Don’t they go fabulously with the mauve color counter tops? No…really…you don’t think so either. The combo is hideous. Josh (our landlord), I love you but seriously Stevie Wonder could have picked a better color combo.  I wonder if Josh isn’t shade deficient? So with that, we needed a new color and this was what we came up with…Ballard Blue. Doesn’t photograph the true color (think dark denim) and believe it or not compliments the counter tops well.





Another mini project over the weekend was trying to clear up our foyer of shoes. Do you have that one area in your house where shoes seems to magically breed other shoes? The area wasn’t necessarily messy just a bit cluttered. I had asked Pat to build be something to hide the shoes, but when I saw this at Home Depot the other I figured this may work just as well. Now, I like to think I can read instructions and figure things out pretty easily. This little shoe thing took the entire My Big Fat Green Wedding movie to piece together. I think there were times  I was even yelling at it with a Greek accent. After assembled I started putting my shoes in which fit just fine. Then moved over to Pat’s shoes and well… δεν είναι καλό (no good). His shoes were too big. Well, his feet are large thus making shoes large in turn making them not fit. Oh well, I still think it’s an improvement then what was there.

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  1. You are high energy Aubree! I hope Pat appreciates you resourcefulness. I also have a question about your great blog. How can I set up a blog like yours for my traveling writing?

  2. If you go to and you will see the get started button. I find it to be one of the easier blogs to use. Once logged in it will walk you through a step by step process (getting and overall look etc). There are a lot of free themes they offer and of course ones you can pay for (the way my blog looks was free). Once you get in let me know if you want help with setting up other things as well but for the most part I just Googled what I didn’t know.

  3. I just got a BRILLIANT idea. Paint blue strips over your orange wall…and whaddya got!? GO GATORS!
    Ok, but seriously, I love your improvements! It’s looking very homey and classy. 🙂

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