The purse says it all…


I originally came across this idea from my friend’s blog. Now, she is a graphic artist by trade so her photo was a little more “editorial” then mine. After reading her post I decided to try this out for myself. There is one thing I firmly believe, you are what you carry around. Of course that statement is going to be more geared towards women unless you are one of those guys who carries a “man bag”. So the other night I dug deep into the abyss of my purse and this is what appeared. Side note : I am known for carrying some pretty random items around, but this was fairly tame.

1. A girl must always have some color for her lips. My choice right now is MAC’s Hue, but I am also just as fond to Chapstick.
2. My mother got me this compact mirror that says “hello gorgeous”. Nice when you need a back view of your hair.
3. The bobby pin aka a girl’s Macgyver tool.Β  I love these things and have them everywhere.
4. You are looking at my entire makeup kit. I rarely wear a lot of makeup so it’s easy to get everything in here and go.
5. Advil Cold & Congestion is a lifesaver. Every now and then it hits me out of the blue so I always keep a couple in my purse.
6. I have a slight addiction to getting free samples online. This deodorant size is great for purses and short trips.
7. I am not the most graceful person and messes find me easily. This is a wonder item for me.
8. I picked this business card holder up a couple years ago. Every now and then I have my cards in it, but I really like throwing in my cards and ID and carrying it instead of a wallet.
9.Β  This thumb drive came in a Scion military care package and it’s unusual since it goes into a wallet like a credit card.
10 . Pepto. Never leave home without it. Ever.
11. I recently started drinking more tea and carry a tea bag or two with me.
12. I really wish I could tell you why I had this in there.
13. Who doesn’t Post Its? Sometimes you find yourself looking for a reason to use them admit it.
14. Yeah I don’t know about this one either.
15. I recommend everyone carrying a Leatherman. There is a tool for just about any and every situation.
16. I received my CPR certification a couple years back, so I carry around the breathing apparatus in case there is an emergency.

Let’s sum me up then.Β  I am a lipstick wearing, hair checking and fixing, minimal make up wearing, occasional stuffy nose, sample addict, mess prone, card organizer, information at my finger tips, taking care of tummy, tea drinking, razor carrying, Post It loving, random item carrying, always prepared and life saving girl.

*Now mind you I didn’t show or mention my wallet or phone because I figure that is implied as being in my purse.

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  1. Aubree, well written, but it’s more information than I need to know as a man, even though I have two daughters who have fetishes for expensive purses.

    Keep up the great writing! πŸ™‚

  2. Fun post! πŸ™‚ I need one of those Post-It carriers because I’m 100% addicted to Post-Its! I have them by my bed, in my desk, on the fridge, on the “drop everything” stand, on the coffee table and of course a good reserve of them in a cabinet. But none in my purse!
    Also, I first thought the “breathing apparatus” was a bag of illicit substances.

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