Pollen Made Me Cry


To say the last couple weeks have been rough would be a bit of an understatement.  Now, I tread very carefully when I say that because I have some girlfriends going through deployments right now and I know how hard that is for them. Unfortunately, these last 2 weeks have really gotten to the better part of me.

Pat has been out in the field for the last two weeks, that means we play the “brace yourself for something/everything to go wrong” game. Do you know this game? No? Well, let me help you better understand it. Anytime Pat leaves for a decent amount of time two things happen. One, we have really terrible weather (not true this time around). Two, I have some form a disaster arise. Of course these problems NEVER happen when he is home…ever.

Case #1 – My birthday was last Tuesday and with Pat gone I knew I was going to have the evening to myself. I didn’t do anything to spectacular just fixed a pot of spaghetti to separate out for further meals. Wednesday I woke up sick as a dog. I had no idea what was causing it but it wasn’t pretty. I finally had to peel myself off the floor and get ready for work. Normally I would have called in because that kind of sick didn’t need to leave the house, but I was in my last two weeks and felt terrible doing that to them. I stopped and picked up some Gatorade to try and rehydrate. Long story short I got to work and by 1 had to leave. Throwing up in the bathroom was a little much. As I headed home I kept getting worse and worse. Ended up having to go to Urgent Care to get some fluids due to dehydration. Of course went to work the next day. The rest of the week I was shot.

Case #2 – We recently acquired a new fur baby who wasn’t fully house trained (she is now yay!) so accidents weren’t totally uncommon. I kept noticing though every time I was near the fridge, dishwasher or sink I kept stepping into small amounts of water. Well, no offensive to the dog but I was blaming her. Felt like every time I moved I was stepping in more. The other morning at the butt crack of dawn I discovered the source of the problem. The water was seeping up from the between seams of the tile. So step then ooze. Totally gross. I had a close friend of ours come over and try and help me find the source because visibly didn’t see anything. After he left and the dogs were outside raising cane I heard it. Drip. Drip. Drip. The Chinese water torture rhythm coming from somewhere under the dishwasher. At this point I am flat on the floor staring at the appliance (because staring at it helps). I grabbed the Philips and took off the bottom panel to see this tiny steady drip. Now what? Well logic would tell you to shut the water source off. Great, where the heck is that? Every once in awhile “genius” strikes me. My iPhone has the Facetime feature where when you call someone and if they have it too they can see you. DAD! Called him up and basically stuck him under the sink to help me figure out what to do next. I still have to have a plumber come out, but at least I know what  the deal is.

Case #3 – I love animals and I love my dogs, but that drive me nuts sometimes. When I get home from work I literally do not sit down with them around. I know you are thinking. I am exaggerating or thinking they are just dogs get over it. Just trust me when I tell you they could make the most patient person crack. I use 4 words when I get home…Urban, Cindy, no and stop. This last week Urban has been so wired I haven’t been able to keep up. I know these are not actual children but I feel like I have two toddlers who have SEVERE selective hearing.

So what is the deal with the title of this blog? Pat got me the most beautiful flowers for my birthday and had them delivered to work last week. Friday I had to get them home and traveling with a vase of flowers is just awkward all the way around. At some point during the drive I looked down and I was covered in yellow pollen. That was it. That was my breaking point. Pollen beat me. I burst into tears. I happened to be on the phone talking to my mother (using a hands free device don’t worry) and she was probably wondering what the heck was going.

Well, I guess that about sums up my mental state lately. Fried. I know things will get better once Pat gets home, but he needs to hurry up already.

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  1. Stay strong Aubree. Life can be hectic at times, but you will prevail. Also, I certainly enjoy your blog because he lets me know how one of my favorite people is progressing through life. It surely is not easy being an Army wife, but I am hoping only for the best for you and Pat.


  2. I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I really do enjoy it! This specific post spoke to me because I can, on as all level, totally relate. First, let me say that my husband is always able to come home on the weekends and I can technically get a hold of him whenever I want. So., in reality, my situation is nothing like yours. However, without a doubt things only go wrong when he is out of town! Severe case of food poisoning which led to being hospitalized, he was out of town and our daughter was 18 months. I only ever get sick when he is out of town and nothing goes wrong with the house when he is home! It has become kind of a joke in our house, but I have definitely had those days too! I cannot fathom what it is like to be an army wife and I won’t even pretend to understand, however I totally get what it is like when things go wrong and you are alone! Take care!

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