What a slacker!


In the last couple of a days I have been combing through my blog for old recipes and realized it has been over 5 1/2 months since my last post. I genuinely wish I could say I have just been soooooooooo busy that I couldn’t possibly get online and write, and in some ways I have been (more on that later). Pat started a new job in May and that has definitely kept him busy and gone a lot. Currently, he is in Oklahoma for 2 months and not too thrilled about it. According to him Ft. Sill makes Fayetteville look like New York City. Just before heading there he spent 10 days in Alaska working and loved that (being the outdoor personality he is). Unfortunately, we will be spending Thanksgiving apart, but will be celebrating Christmas together here in North Carolina. It will be the first time I haven’t gone home for the holidays, but we have a lot going on this year and we just can’t leave. With that being said, I am bound and determined to decorate the house as much as possible for Christmas.

66° 33′ 39″ N

In August, Pat and I ventured out to the great state of California to visit Pat’s sister who lived just outside of San Fransisco (my favorite city EVER). The land of avocados and feelings (as well as Priuses and 12 artichokes for $1). It was wonderful to meet more of his family out there and spend 5 glorious days doing whatever we wanted. Our excursions ranged from hiking, wandering around San Fran, eating at some interesting restaurants (Francis Ford Coppola’s and one of the singers of Green Day), sight-seeing Monterey and visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium. At one point during the trip Pat and Madeleine witnessed me singing karaoke at Clint Eastwood’s restaurant in Carmel (which if you knew me you know this is SO out of character for me). One of the best parts of the trip was taking advantage of the on post lodging at Presidio in Monterey. Since California can be a costly trip it was nice to have the Army lodging available to cut costs a bit. We decided from now on trying to visit interesting places with on post lodging near by and take advantage of it.

View from Presidio’s lodging.

Since Pat moved to a new job in May, it helped us start making some decisions on more “permanent” arrangements here in North Carolina. Now, of course, this is the Army we are talking about and nothing is permanent. Currently, we are renting a home from a good friend of Pat’s and while it has been a great home for us, it is not somewhere we feel is truly ours to grow in. Simple things like decorating are such a deterrent in a rental home that I haven’t been able to make the house feel like a home. With that all being said Pat and I decided to start house hunting. I understand that typically this is a long searching process, but we have the house we wanted in the first neighborhood we looked at. If you are interested in what the inside will look like (obviously somethings will be slightly different) you can click here and check it out. After what felt like forever, they have finally started the building process and we are hoping to be in sometime around the New Year. Pat and I are so very excited to have the space to host family and friends and plenty of bedrooms to accommodate everyone.

The frame going up 10/12/12.

My “new” job (been there since the end of March) has been keeping me nice and busy while Pat has been gone. It has been wonderful working for a doctor who not only care about his continuing education but the education for the staff as well. I had the privilege to attend a conference in Orlando last month and really enjoyed it. It was nice to be back in Florida for a bit (saw a few friends and family after the conference was over). I am always interested in hearing what other offices are doing to attract business to their practice. Along with the implant treatment coordinating, I have taken over a lot of the marketing aspects for the office. Never a dull moment in my little corner of the office that is for sure.

Well that is really it for now. I will try to keep you all in the loop a bit more. Keep your eye out for a new blog starting up also! More details coming soon!

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  1. It is nice to see that you and Pat are traveling and enjoying the experience of new places. Travel is one of my passions, and I hope you two can eventually travel the world. As for the new “home,” congratulations on this new chapter in your lives. Please keep writing because you and Pat are two of my favorite people, and I cherish knowing what you two are doing with your lives. Please thank Pat for his service with the Army, and thank you, Aubree, for your loving support of Pat.

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