I’ll Be Home for Christmas…


Not going to lie every time I hear that song come on I almost bust into tears, especially Josh Groban’s version. One, it’s just a stinking sad song. Two, I think about all the military members who will not be able to make it home because they are keeping us safe. I had seen a couple of posts going out today about charities and organizations that are asking for our help to show our troops support this Christmas season. I was curious to find out who out there was doing something and these are my top Google search picks. Now, of course if you have something you already do for holidays then by all means….for the rest of us here is a starting point.

This program is set up through the Red Cross. Their focus is providing handwritten holiday cards to active duty, veterans and military families who are at military hospitals around the world. This past deployment effected a lot of families who could benefit from some holiday cheer. The deadline to participate in this program is December 7th. So head to the dollar store and pick up some cards!

Click here for all the guidelines to participate in the Holiday Mail for Heroes.


When I first came to Ft. Bragg I drove by the Fisher House all the time never really knowing what is was. The Fisher House is basically the military version of the Ronald McDonald house. The Fisher House offers families with hospitalized service members no cost lodging near where the service member is located. Unfortunately, not every installation has a Fisher House. To compensate for that, they setup a program where you can go and donate your frequent flyers and hotel points to help family members in a stressful time of need. Help a family get to their loved one this holiday season.

Click here to find out how you can be apart of this awesome program.


Every chance I have to stop into the Charlotte USO between flights I do. I absolutely love this organization and try to support them as much as possible. For every major holiday they offer you the opportunity to purchases boxes that will be given to soldiers. The boxes will contain many items to make it feel a little more festive during a time when they are not able to be home.

Click here to see what can be in the boxes and how to donate.


Operation Gratitude has been sending morale support to our troops since 2003. They offer programs ranging from Halloween Candy Buy Backs, Battalion Buddies (for children of deployed parents) and of course care packages for our deployed troops. I sent them a tweet yesterday asking if they were doing a holiday program, and they responded and confirmed they were. How cool is that?! I love when organizations take time to reach out to those who are trying to reach out to others!

Click here to be linked to their donation page. Be sure to check out all the programs they offer!


I hope everyone find some way to give back to those who will be giving up so much this Christmas season!

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