Sending You a Little Sunshine


So the office I work for relies heavily on referrals from other offices. We are constantly making our rounds and trying to think of “new” ideas for each office and stay the forefront of their minds. After awhile it has gotten tough staying new and fresh for each visit. When developing new ideas I try to take into consideration the time year, the month and what holidays may be happening the same time as my rounds. Not too long ago I was introduced to Brownie Locks. Now before you click on this site and take a look at it, I must warn you it is a bit “outdated” by the way of looks. Otherwise, it is a great site for finding those random and obscure holidays to celebrate.

This month we decided to focus on the Daylight Savings “Spring Forward”. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loathe the time changes. I lose an hour of sleep but gain more daylight at night which is great. Unfortunately, I am now driving to work in the morning while it is still dark. The Monday following a time change for me is always the toughest. My administrator (who loves Pinterest about as much as I do) came across this idea – sunshine in a box. I have never been a fan of yellow. Every time I wear it I feel like a Ronald McDonald wannabe (you know red hair and yellow outfit). But how can you not look at all this yellow and not smile a little? Everything is so bright and cheery. Since this was not something that was going to be mailed like a care package, presentation was pretty important (and a bit of a stickler I might add).

After scouring the internet, I decided it was time to actually do some reconnaissance. I knew the overall concept I was trying to achieve, but the execution of it had me a little worried. One afternoon I hopped in the car and drove to Cary to see what I could find. My first objective was to find something to hold all my items. Since boxes seemed to be next to impossible to find a basket was the next best option. Sunshine in a basket – I could roll that.

If any of you have not experienced the lifesaver I like to call World Market, find one and go! Here, let me help you. because you really need to go – World Market locater. I wish you all could have seen me in there. Anything and everything that was yellow was in my basket, or baskets as I ended up leaving with four overflowing shopping carts.

After that I went to JoAnn Fabrics and then Target. Three hours later I was so sick of the color yellow, but I had everything I needed to start assembling the 30 baskets for delivery. Keep in mind that doing this many did cause some issues with how many of one item I was actually able to purchase. With that being said some of the baskets were slightly different then the other. Who was going to know? Here is the final product…


I tried to stay away from having a basket just filled with sweets. If you take the time to look around I think you will be shocked at the amount of yellow packaging out there, at least I was. What a fun care package for really any occasion! Whether going overseas to a loved one or just across town to a friend – take the time to send a little ray of sunshine. Below is a list of the items I put in the basket and where I found them.

Basket Kit 
This is such a time and money saver not having to buy everything separate. I chose
white because I thought it would offset the yellow more.

Yellow Crinkle Paper
I used this along with the basket filler that came with the kit. It added quite a yellow “punch”.

Apricot & Mimosa Raffia
Well, first off the names are awesome. Second, I didn’t need to buy as much as I did.
This stuff when a long way tying up the bags on the basket.

Pin Wheels
Came from JoAnn Fabrics.

Items Inside the Basket
Rockstar Recovery Lemonade – Target
Cheerios – Target
Crystal Light Energy Singles – Target
Velveeta Single Serve (not shown) – Target
Rubber Duckie – Target (dollar bin area)
Magnetic Notepads – Target (dollar bin area)
Sunflower Seed Starter Kit – Target (dollar bin area)
Archer Farm Kettle Korn – Target
Method Hand Soap – Target
Tissue Packets – JoAnn Fabrics
Gold Chocolate Coins – JoAnn Fabrics
Dried Cantaloupe – Word Market
Dried Turkish Apricots – World Market
Dried Mango – World Market
Orange Mango Italian Soda – World Market
Aunt Sally’s Creamy Banana Foster Praline – World Market
Singolla Lemon Biscuits -World Market
Lemon Ginger Tea – World Market
Storz Chocolate Bees – World Market
Mixed Nuts Packet – World Market

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  1. Thank you for the sun shine. I enjoyed the ”walk through” of your shopping safari. The reference to the MacDonalds character brought a smile.

  2. I love your writing and your perspective as a military family. Please continue to write when you have the time in your hectic schedule.

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