**Hey, everyone! I am super excited to have a guest blogger share some great information about the job search after the military. Her name is Emma and she has some very useful pointer and tips. You can also find out more about her and her blog at the bottom of her article.   -Aubree

4 Tips for a Successful Job Search After Leaving the Military

At some point in every military personnel’s life, there will come a time for transitioning back into the civilian world. This can be an exciting and intimidating process, especially when it comes to seeking employment. Fortunately, there are great opportunities for veterans and their families to find work that not only meets their financial needs, but fulfills them on a personal level. Here is the truth about four common job myths.

Myth #1: Veterans don’t find good jobs outside of the military.

Truth: The fact is, the military provides you with skills that are highly marketable in the civilian workforce. According to Recruit Military, a firm that prepares and places veterans and their spouses in jobs, traits such as leadership, teamwork, assertiveness, and dedication are what employers are looking for.

Myth #2: Applying for jobs is costly, difficult, and time-consuming.

Truth: Gone are the days when job applicants had to run to the post office to mail resumes. Most companies today advertise jobs online and have either online application forms or an option to email your resume. In an effort to streamline the process even further, many companies have started to partner with mobile recruiting companies, like JIBE. These services let you upload a resume or other job-related documents right from your phone or tablet.


Myth #3: Once you leave the military, you’re on your own when it comes to job searches.

Truth: There are many career services that cater to veterans and their families. It just takes a few minutes of time at the computer or the library’s reference section to find them. Hire Heroes USA, the U.S. Dept. of Veterans, and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership -just to name a few- are adept at assisting military personnel and their families in their job search.

Myth #4: You have to know somebody who knows somebody to get a job.

Truth: Thanks to social media, you’re never out of the loop. Websites like LinkedIn allow you to highlight your job skills and network with others in your field. You’d be surprised at how many connections you can develop within minutes of uploading your profile. The same goes for Facebook. Simply “like”ing a company’s page can ensure you get regular updates about their next hiring schedule.

Your future is what you make it. Keep goals in sight, stay positive, and use the resources available to you. Your new job is out there waiting.

Emma is a mid 20-something year old with a passion for life, love, fitness, and helping others. She loves to be active and get involved in as many sport and community activities as possible. Emma is currently studying to become a Career & Life Coach, and loves to network with people from around the world! Check out Emma’s blog at

Military Career Finished. Now What?

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