I figure instead of giving you my “life story”, I would just share a little random facts about me…

1.    I have a slight addiction to koozies and silly socks.
2.    I have 3 dogs. Sadie Rose (lives in Florida and named after a kids book series), Urban Payne (named after a college football coach and pro golfer) and Cindy Lou (already named when we adopted her.)
3.    I’m allergic to Eucalyptus.
4.    I enjoy doing needlepoint even though everyone teases me for it.
5.    I detest wearing jeans when it’s raining and then they get wet at the bottom.
6.    I’m scared to death of Santa and fully dressed custom characters…no joke.
7.    I think mushrooms are the nastiest things to eat.
8.    I didn’t watch cartoons as a kid. I watched fishing shows.
9.    I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house.
10.    My air rifle is named Madea and a handgun named after Sophia from the Golden Girls.
11.    I have a very dry sense of humor and don’t find “stupid” humor very funny at all.
12.    I think it’s awesome I married my high school sweetheart!
13.    I was and still am not very good at math.
14.    I enjoy meeting and making new friends.
15.    I hated having red hair as a kid, but now I love that it makes me stand out a little.
16.    My husband is my hero.
17.    I enjoy going to the aquarium in every new city I visit.
18.    I am obsessed with find free things online.
19.    The funniest/strangest gift I have ever gotten was the Audubon Society to Fish (thanks to my now husband).
20.    Spiders frighten me. A lot.
21.    I have a terrible addiction to Pinterest, but it is getting more controlled 🙂
22.    I carry the most random items in my purse…Hello, Notary stamp.
23.    I love roller coasters.
24.    The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
25.    Out of all the jobs I have worked none have been related to my degree.
26.    I can’t watch basketball on TV cause the squeaking of the shoes on the floor bothers me.
27.    I LOVE the Golden Girls
28.    I mostly listen to talk radio in the car.
29.    I enjoy rereading good books.
30.    I sneak out every Christmas Eve and look at the presents under the tree before everyone wakes up.

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  1. You have a Fun, engaging Blog! And, a lot to share with peeps, look forward to more Posts! I’ll pass the Link along to my Honey Bee (Joy, my wife) and a few Associates!

    Robert Arthur

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