You don’t go poop without your cell phone.

Your “girl’s night” increase times 100.

The people at the post office know you by name and when to expect you.

Every time you see a government vehicle on your road your heart stops for a instant.

A walk to the mailbox to check the mail involves carrying your cell phone and making sure the volume is on.

Sweatpants and ponytails are your uniform.

Skype is on 24/7 and you’re constantly refreshing your e-mail (just in case)

You can fill out those customs forms with your eyes closed.

You realize the trash cans are over flowing and you now have to take it out and to the curb!

Your cell phone is glued to your hand and constantly checked.

You can’t sleep at night.

You only wish his gear were sitting everywhere in the house now instead of fussing to get him to put it where it belongs

There are no boots to trip over every day.

Everything in the house starts breaking and you don’t know how to fix it. Never fails, as soon as the hubby deploys, things start to fall apart!

You have to ask your ten year old to find the tools in the garage because you don’t understand your husbands organization.

When you actually miss watching the History Channel and/or Military Channel.

When you eat whatever for dinner instead of making a full meal & eating it alone.

Your house actually stays clean for then more than a couple hours but you wished his gear was everywhere.

You have three dogs and a cat in the bed.

You haven’t shaved your legs in weeks!!

When you don’t mind if your phone rings at 2 in the morning, you will stay up just to hear his voice!!!

When you hear a noise in the house and figure out how to use every item in the current room as a weapon.

When you trade in your pillowcase for his hoodie.

You start exercising again.

When you get butterflies every time the phone rings!!!

Your kid starts complaining that you’re hugging him way too much!

Taking a picture for him every single day!


To ALL the men and women serving today. We love you dearly and come home safe and quick!!!!

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