Life Changing Moments
Find the love of my life.  – Been together since February 2009
Marry the love of my life. – Made it official September 2, 2011
Buy our first home.Moved in December 2012
Have a baby.
Go through a PCS. – Moving March 2016
Go through a deployment.
Adopt a child

Just Because…
Paint an entire room by myself.
Refurbish a piece of furniture
Create a tabletop mosaic
Rearrange the house for no reason.
Spend the night in a hammock.
Run a half-marathon.
Learn to drive a stick shift car
Get another degree.
Donate blood (no, I have never done this)
Have a zero balance on all my credit cards.
Get a tattoo. – I have two! 11/13 & 03/14

Snorkel a shipwreck
Go whale watching
Go see the Great White sharks jumping just off of South Africa.
Go wine-tasting and actually appreciate the “art” of tasting.
Go skydiving.
Ride in a hot air balloon
Eat something that grosses me out.Mushrooms. Hate them.
Ride in a helicopter.
Go on a road trip with particular destination in mind.Done this a lot during my husband’s deployment.

Take dance lessons.
Learn to play chess
Take up photography and actually sell something.
Learn to make my own soap
Start and finish a quilt on my own.
Compile my own cookbook.
Take up interior design.
Coupon to the point they pay me when I leave.
Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
Make my own jewelry, and actually wear it.
Start and maintain an herb garden (ie not killing it 3 days after it is started)April 2013
Make my own candles
Complete a needlepoint project and actually sell it.
Make Christmas gifts for everyone and not buy actual items.Christmas 2012

Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
Attend Carnival in Venice.
See all the AFI top 10 movies
Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture
Attend a high end fashion show.
Attend an opera that is in a foreign language
Take a cooking class from a different culture.
See a Van Gogh painting in person.
Watch a foreign film and not rely on subtitles to understand it.
Learn Italian
Try caviar

Visit Carnegie HallApril 2008
Visit Ellis IslandApril 2008
Visit the Statue of LibertyApril 2008
Visit ground zeroApril 2008
See the Rockettes at Radio City
Visit Pike Place Market in Seattle
Visit one of the “cities in white” in Greece
Visit Australia
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Visit the Louve
See the Golden Gate BridgeJuly 2007
Go back to San Fransisco. – August 2012
Visit a real life castle.
See the Northern Lights in person.
Travel to at least 4 countries I can’t pronounce the names of.

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  1. What a fun window into your personality Aubree! We need a long chat to make some plans.
    I will call you next week. XOX miss ellie

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