1. Stick to REVOLT the entire time.

2. Complete home decorating projects.

* Paint our room, bathroom and powder room (and any other room I can get to for that matter).
* Switch out our bedding for the new items.
* Finish “yellow” room curtains.
* Work on decorating hubby’s office.
* Get curtains up in living room, kitchen, dining room, master (there are too many rooms).
* Create some personal art and decorations for around the house.

3. Plant a spring garden/flowers.

4. Eat somewhere new at least once a month.

October – Prik Thai

5. Visit somewhere new at least once a month.

 October – Consignment Store in Cary

6. Put a nice chunk of money into savings.

7. Read at least 6 new books (probably going to be more).

8. Go to more painting classes.

9. Organize the house a bit better – especially the closets all over the house.

10. Take a cooking class.

11. Revamp my wardrobe and clean out my closet. (almost done with the cleaning part…)

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