This week’s 3 things…


A wishbone…

Seriously. How awesome is this bike?!? Normally I don’t give two hoots about bikes. It has 2 wheels and gets me from point A to B. I seriously want this. If Julia Child was to pick out a bike I am sure she would ride this one.

A backbone…

Don’t these people look like they are having fun? I know this is like some sort of “right of passage” living near the country but this FREAKS me out. You know what I think of when I see this picture? Something jumping out at these people or some “Children of the Corn” scene coming to life. I hope to be able to conquer this fear this year but don’t count on it.

A funny bone…

A moose is seen stuck in an apple tree in Gothenburg, Sweden. The police believe the moose was trying to eat apples from the tree and became intoxicated by fermented apples. Story here.

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