The “Other” Woman


Have you ever had to deal with the “other” woman? One thing Pat and I love to do is cook together. Last year when I moved up here I looking for a job for about 3 months and had a lot of downtime. I started getting hooked on to cooking shows. It was getting so bad I could literally schedule my day based on what cooking show was on.

I have several favorites that I make a point to either watch or record for later. I love love love anything with Michael Symon. I found out about this old 70s show, the Galloping Gourmet, which is totally cheesy but still good.ย  The link I just gave to you is a clip from one of his shows. Seriously, watch it and you will see how goofy it gets.

I started catching reruns of Julia Child’s cooking show. How can you not love this woman? She is probably one of the most ungraceful people (besides myself) but that is why I love her. She is real. She made mistakes and moved not. Her shows were rarely edited cause it was just “her.”

And then we come to Paula Deen…Miss “Throw Another Stick of Butter and/ or a Cup of Mayo” with it. This woman has created an absolute empire around Southern drawls and comfort food cuisine. My parents went and ate at her restaurant a couple months ago and they both ordered pot pies. Mom said when they came out they were literally pie sized versions of the dish.I do have to say I do like the fact when she is cooking she uses Publix products. So shout out to Publix and if you don’t know what that is…sigh.

I had started scrolling through my TV guide regularly and making sure I was recording recipes Paula was doing that interested me. Okay, the woman frys just about everything so I recorded a lot. I remember the first time Pat came home from work and I was watching an episode of Paula cooking. Holy moly! All of sudden Pat was imitating the way she spoke, her mannerisms and anything else he could think of. He is OBSESSED with her. Calls her a Silver Haired Fox. There are times you almost feel like you need to leave the room when she is on.ย  Have you ever paid attention to some of the things she will say when cooking?ย  Next time if you see her on watch her and tell me there are moments you are going “Really, Paula? Did you really just go there?”

Thus, why I refer to her at the “other” woman. I guess there could be worse people Pat could be obsessed with. She does give me good cooking recipes that Pat is all to willing to test out for me, great one liners and a whole bunch of laughs from Pat. So in the end, just add another cup of mayo and smile ๐Ÿ™‚

I plan on making this for dinner tonight Paula Deen’s – Baked Spaghetti recipe.

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